Digipharm.io’s marketing strategy


Goals Digipharm.io should focus on 1. Scale sales qualified leads 2. Shorten buying cycle with higher intent prospects 3. Drive waitlist signups for mobile app in development A quick look at DigiPharm’s Competitor, LyfeGen Lyfegen only runs Linkedin ads, which makes them vulnerable to brands stealing their search traffic.  Competitors are targeting “value based drug […]

Stealing Leads from Competitors

Isotec Security

+ 0 % Click Through Rate + 0 % Leads – 0 % Cost Per Lead The challenge Isotec Securities was looking to expand their leads for their sales team while maintaining their lead quality. Their direct market is smaller, saturated, and competitors overlap each other constantly. The approach By doing a deep dive on […]

Tips when hiring an SEO agency

tips when hiring an SEO agency

What to look for in an SEO agency A high performing SEO agency that’s worth their weight in gold will do the following during a sales call: You’ll notice a distinct lack of anything involving keywords, rankings, link building, or page speed. There’s a reason for that. A good SEO agency recognizes that those are […]

Machine Learning in Fintech: Everything You Need to Know

machine learning in fintech

Quick hits: Why is machine learning important in FinTech? How can AI help FinTech companies? In fintech, machine learning can provide finance brands with faster and more accurate predictions, more thorough analysis of large data sets, and more efficient automations. This ultimately helps finance brands save time and costs.  How AI is being used in […]

BluPeak Credit Union Marketing Strategy

blupeak credit union

Goals BluPeak Credit Union should focus on 1. Increase sign ups for deposit products 2. Reduce wasted Google Ad Spend 3. Improve Google Ad Spend efficiency A quick rundown of Blu Peak’s Competitors Competitors are bidding on BluPeak’s brand, which is stealing market share, and increasing bid prices for BluPeak’s ad spend. There are 326 […]

Ads for banks: Everything to know

ads for banks

Quick hits: What is bank advertising? What does digital marketing do for banks? Bank advertising is the practice of raising awareness about banking products and services. Its primary purpose is to drive customer acquisition by building trust and credibility with the bank’s target customers. Digital marketing can help banks reach their target customer in a […]