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Stealing Leads from Competitors

Isotec Security
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The challenge

Isotec Securities was looking to expand their leads for their sales team while maintaining their lead quality. Their direct market is smaller, saturated, and competitors overlap each other constantly.

The approach

By doing a deep dive on competitor ad targeting, we found some holes we could take advantage of.

How we measured success

We focused on Click Through Rate (CTR) to ensure the messaging resonated, Lead Quality to ensure the targeting was correct, and Cost per Lead to see if it made sense to scale the test.

Breaking down what we did

The strategy

By diving deep into competitor ad targeting, and using the large data sources at our disposal, we were able to find competitor terms that were not covered by Isotec’s competitors’ PPC bidding strategies. By “nibbling on the edges” of their branded key terms, we wanted to test stealing some competitor leads without breaking the bank on ads. 

One of the risks of competitor keyword targeting is a low quality score, since the search engine users are looking for a particular brand, and you are not that. However, you can circumvent that with on page copy and proper url structure. 

The execution

One of the ways we ensure we don’t drive up costs per lead for clients who want to steal competitor leads is to first nibble around the edges–meaning we dive into the competitor terms and cross reference with the terms competitors are actively bidding on. 

By only targeting the ones with low – to – no ad budget associated with them, you can test bidding on competitor terms without worrying about blowing up your marketing budget. 

The results

We got our clients the highest quality leads they have seen, and had the best performing campaign to date. 

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