Crescendo wins Best Business Consultancy 2024!’s marketing strategy


Goals should focus on


Scale sales qualified leads


Shorten buying cycle with higher intent prospects


Drive waitlist signups for mobile app in development

A quick look at DigiPharm's Competitor, LyfeGen

Lyfegen marketing
  • Lyfegen only runs Linkedin ads, which makes them vulnerable to brands stealing their search traffic. 
  • Competitors are targeting “value based drug pricing” with content. This can easily be a non-branded ad group
  • Lead nurturing ads should target current prospects through custom audience targeting 

What a PPC strategy would look like

1. Use search ads to steal competitor traffic & build sales qualified leads

  • Run branded Google ads bidding on Lyfegen 
  • Build top of funnel Google ads targeting “value based drug pricing” keywords
  • Create custom audience linkedin ads to nurture existing leads
  • Create dedicated landing pages to match ad targeting
  • Protect your brand with branded PPC ads


PRO TIP: Ensure your branded Google ads have 90% impression share


Sales Funnel





Customer's Journey

Has a problem

Identify a solution

Be the best solution

Searches for your brand

Ad campaigns

Competitor ads

nonbranded keywords

Lead nurturing ads

Branded ads

What if Digipharm wants to go DTC?

Digipharm app
  • Facebook could be the cheaper platofrm to drive sign ups, given their CPAs are drastically lower than Linkedin, which is where most competitors play. 
  • Digipharm would need to focus on benefits instead of product features in ad copy
  • Landing page copy would need to reflect the change in ad copy. 

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