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Real Tested CBD builds their brand through Meta ads

Real Tested CBD
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The challenge

RealTestedCBD measures the CBD and THC contents of everyone's favorite CBD products. But because of the industry they're in, they are constantly disapproved for ad targeting by ad platforms.

The approach

Ad platforms have a list of requirements for businesses that sell CBD. Because RealTestedCBD doesn't sell any products, but just reviews and publishes lab results, we could run a more brand focused campaign to bring more awareness.

How we measured success

We focused on measuring clicks from ads and return users to the site after they've landed on the ads' landing pages. That let us know if the users who discovered the website found it useful.

Breaking down what we did

The strategy

Meta does not allow for imagery of marijuana leaves, vaping, or other images of people ingesting CBD or THC. They have a lot of other requirements for brands that sell CBD products who want to run ads on their platforms. But for Real Tested CBD, those other requirements were a non-issue. 

The strategy focused on introducing people who were interested in CBD to the brand by sending them to a landing page that did not have THC imagery on it or link to pages with THC images on them. That kept RealTestedCBD clear of any potential policy violations. 

The execution

By focusing the ad targeting on people interested in CBD, but more specifically interested in the brands that were being tested by RealTesetedCBD, we were able to target highly interested parties with a very limited and efficient ad budget. 

The results

Because of the combination of the industry, the targeting, and the ad copy, we were able to get Click Through Rates and Costs Per Click at record numbers for the industry. 

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