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Zanbato increased traffic by 44% and new leads by 77%. 

Is your fintech startup trying to...

Whether its to attract more favorable terms from investors, or create a sustainable business, recurring revenue is going to be the lifeblood of any fintech startup. 

Work with a team that’s hyper-focused on generating quality leads and optimizing sales and marketing funnels to increase margin and net recurring revenue. 

You can’t beat out large incumbent brands doing the same thing they are. You also need patience – Rome wasn’t built in a day (and neither were large brands). 

If you want to take a large competitor’s lunch, you’ll want unique and creative strategies that focus on taking advantage of their blind spots. Large competitors tend to move slowly, and are spread very thin. 

You’ll want a team that can move fast, use machine learning to quickly generate targeted content, and identify weak spots with precision. 

Creating a waitlist is a great way to show VCs traction. It’s also an amazing way to jumpstart your sales funnel. By combining paid social ads with email marketing and content development, you can create an efficient sales funnel that will help you forecast acquisition costs AND generate high quality, warm leads. 

Use paid advertising to quickly test messaging. Leverage email marketing, content, and social media to build your brand presence. Once you’ve found the right messaging, start investing in SEO to get ahead of the curve and build lasting growth. 

Use social media ads to understand what your Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) will be as you scale. By combining paid ads with lead forms, you can show traction and brand stickiness to Angels and VCs. Leverage email marketing, social media, and content development to build a brand investors will want to back. 

+ 165% 

Average revenue increase from our financial services and fintech clients

How we help fintech startups create eruptive growth


Unique marketing action plans

You need to have a research-based, goal-oriented marketing strategy for your financial services business if you want to be successful. This is what we do when we start working with you - it's the key to successful launches, long-term growth, and ROI positive marketing programs.


Content & SEO for customers, not clicks

Want to have lasting revenue growth? Optimize your organic (non-paid) channels and develop helpful content designed to solve you customers' needs. The clicks will follow.


Paid marketing strategies that deliver ROI

We use paid media advertising to get your brand in front of more people, test what messages work best, and drive high quality leads to your offers. Coupled with organic marketing and lead funnel development, this type of advertising can be very helpful in growing your brand.


Wholistic approach to lead generation

We combine advanced web scraping, machine learning, entity mapping, and big data with psychology, email marketing, and content development to nurture leads and generate highest possible ROI for your fintech startup's marketing campaigns.

Our process

Kicking Off & Onboarding

We don't just wait for you to tell us what's going on. We hit the ground running and bring data and competitor insights day one.

Our marketing team will then work to establish goals, KPIs, and strategies to get started.

Opportunity Analysis & Marketing Audits

Our marketing team will dig into your brand, your competitors, and your market. You'll end up with a comprehensive strategy with creative opportunities to build and scale your startup.

Use Data & Get Custom Tailored Strategies

Our strategies come from a decade of marketing experience—but we're not married to them. We let 1 million lines of data tell us where we should go and what will have the highest impact.

Get A Partner, Not A Vendor

We're here to be a strategic partner, not just a vendor that pulls levers and pushes buttons. We help brands create great experiences, find their customers and audiences, and build through acquisition, retention, and loyalty.

If you need extra hands to implement marketing strategies, we've got you covered.

Make Sure You Get Your Free Billboard Ad on Google

If you have Google Tag Manager, we'll seamlessly integrate our Schema Deployer to add content specific Schema to every page of your website. No developers needed.

The result? A branded billboard ad on Google, free of charge (aka no need to pay Google for featured ad placement).

This is huge for finance brands whose competitors are stealing their potential customers.

Reporting & Data

Get custom dashboards for every interested party--from granular dashboards for the marketing team, to executive dashboards for CEOs.

We've even built dashboards for boards of directors and investor pitch decks.

Proactive Communication

You won't ever have to wonder where we are or what we're doing. We make sure to bring strategies, insights, and plans to you.

Featured success stories

Other wins finance brands experienced with our team

+ 0 %
Revenue in 3 Months indexed over 10m pages and doubled their valuation.

+ 0 %

Easy Knock optimized their PPC ad targeting and increased their revenue by 170%. They got so many high quality leads, they needed to double their sales team to keep up.

+ 0 %
Brand impressions

Google thought was a motorhome company, not a financial firm. They used schema to teach Google about their brand and dominated their branded search results. They also saw a 108% increase in clicks and 50% increase in featured snippets.

+ 0 %
New Users

Binance.US focused on fixing technical errors including redirect chains and app store optimization (ASO) to improve their new user acquisition by 43%.

+ 0 %
Non-branded Traffic

By understanding what current customers found valuable, expanded their content production in a direction that would have tangible results.

+ 0 k
Organic traffic

Machine learning allowed us to quickly scale, automate, and optimize content by creating a 50 state resource center for

Channels we support

Need help with implementing SEO and Content changes? We can do that too.

Get a proactive partner, not just an agency

Get the personal attention that you provide your clients. Our team will proactively create, implement, and report on custom marketing strategies

  • Meet up to every 2 weeks with your marketing advisor
  • Chat on Slack everyday with the team
  • Email us anytime 
  • Proactive project management via Trello
  • Month-to-month contracts

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