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Zanbato builds its brand

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The challenge

This client was competing with unrelated topics that took organic real estate and competitors bidding on their brand name.

The approach

Help search engines understand their brand through entity development, and protect their brand through SEM

Breaking down what we did

The strategy

We focused primarily on making sure search results were accurate, since that’s prime digital real estate they needed to take advantage of. This included using schema to develop their entity, and help Google and other search engines understand what users really wanted when searching “Zanbato.” (Narrator’s note: it wasn’t the Japanese sword, or the anime). 

Then we focused on protecting their brand through Google ads and unique content

The execution

By working closely with their development team, we were able to get code changes implemented pretty quickly. With a combination of JavaScript and dynamic HTML code injection, the team was able to create flexible, unique, and custom JSON-LD code that helped tell the right story. 

In combination with heavy data analytics to understand their competitors’ strategy beyond just bidding on their brand name, we were able to create comprehensive ads that helped highlight their unique value propositions.  

The results

The results came pretty quickly. Entity development had an outsized impact that allowed them to help reshape their branded search results into a proverbial “online billboard ad” on Google’s platform. 

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