Crescendo wins Best Business Consultancy 2024!

SEO Training helps Momnt rise up the rankings
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Organic Traffic
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The challenge

Momnt's marketing team wanted support and training to improve their organic presence online.

The approach

Crescendo helped train the marketing team on SEO concepts and consulting to help guide the team.

Breaking down what we did

The strategy

Our goal was to help Momnt’s team understand, execute, and communicate SEO concepts that would drive more SEO traffic and revenue for their business. 

The execution

Weekly meetings consisted of SEO training on specific internal needs, followed by supported research to help the team execute on the concepts they were trained on. This consisted of weekly training sessions with the content team and marketing specialists, teaching them how to work more in unison to drive organic traffic in a crowded fintech seo market. This included content gap analysis, entity mapping, brief creation, and content optimization. 

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