Crescendo wins Best Business Consultancy 2024!

LA Weekly hits 1 million readers from SEO

In one month
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The challenge

Driving interest to relevant stories in the LA area has always been the biggest goal for, but SEO hasn't always been the biggest driver of traffic for them.

The approach

The SEO team set out to first optimize existing content, identify technical issues keeping search engines from indexing their content, and lastly, guiding the team on in demand topics their competitors write about.

How we measured success

Traffic was the main key performance indicator.

Breaking down what we did

The strategy

The strategy was simple, but extremely powerful. First, make sure to focus the content on what the users cared most about. Then, make sure Google and other search engines could identify, read, and share the content with their user base. 

The execution

By working with a team of developers, Crescendo’s team worked to help improve the technical fixes to the website, QA a new redesign of the website, and optimize existing content. 

The results

LA Weekly blasted through 1 million readers from SEO in a single month. 

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