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Happy Money Ends The Year Strong

Loans signed (compared to first 6 moths)
+ 0 %
Conversion rate (compared to first 6 moths)
+ 0 %

The challenge

Happy Money wanted to merge with another subsidiary website in order to drive more sales.

The approach

We wanted to combine the most successful content pieces from both websites, and optimize for terms lower in search volume, but with a higher purchasing intent.

How we measured success

We focused on tracking users visiting the website, total applications signed, and conversion rate to make sure we were targeting the right keywords.

Breaking down what we did

The strategy

All the organic traffic in the world doesn’t help unless it translates to sales. So when looking at what content to merge with the new websites, we focused on two things: 1) what content drove leads, and 2) what content drove traffic that we could re-optimize to be more conversion focused? 


The execution

By working with Happy Money’s marketing and content team, we were able to put together new versions of successful content. 

Part of the optimization included outlinks to very strong sources (.gov sites, very strong companies, wikipedia, etc) to improve the authority of the article. 

The other aspect of optimizing successful content included scaled content scraping and analysis to determine what entities Google recognized and how to implement those into the content to rank for the more transactional, conversion focused keywords. 

The results

The conversion rate improved drastically, as well as the number of loans signed. On page engagement also improved by 44% from the first half of the year to the second. 

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