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Delta 8 Content Helps Real Tested CBD Soar High

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The challenge

Detla 8 CBD was a new product that CBD brands started selling, meaning Real Tested CBD needed to create Delta8 content to help educate consumers.

The approach

We leveraged scalable content scraping, keyword research, and localized content creation to create a network of pages educating consumers about Delta 8 CBD.

How we measured success

We focused on impressions and traffic to make sure we're grabbing the online real estate necessary to get the right, educational content to CBD consumers.

Breaking down what we did

The strategy

We first started with understanding all the aspects of Detla 8’s emergence in the market, then began creating helpful, informational content for consumers.


The execution

First we researched all the updated information about Delta 8, then organized the information into three major buckets:

  • Legal updates
  • State-specific FAQs
  • Highlights with references and links


We then created optimized templates that allowed us to quickly scale the content creation and optimization process. Once we published the content, we internally linked the resources, and submitted the URLs to Google’s index. 


The results

Although a longer process that took several months to see sizeable ROI, the Delta 8 pages began to dominate search results, due to its comprehensive and relevant information. 

Because the content was designed to be interactive and helpful, website visitor engagement improved by 37% year over year. 

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