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Hard truths to know about SEO that other agencies won’t tell you

Is hiring an SEO company worth it?

Not always. An SEO company will help match your product and brand to the demand that already exists in a market. SEO is also slower paced, with results sometimes taking up to 60 days.

If your app or SaaS product doesn’t have a well established market, or you’re early on and need your first customers quickly, you’re better off educating your target audience with content and social media ads.

However, if you’re willing to play the long game, SEO will pay dividends for years (and sometimes decades).

Why is SEO Monthly?

SEO isn’t something that can be a “one and done” project. First, search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and resetting the playing field.

Second, competitors are constantly changing strategies.

Third, your website changes, and technical debt is a real thing. SEO helps to make sure your website constantly has the best chance at being featured by search engines like Google.

What should an SEO agency do?

There are a few things that every SEO company or agency should do:
First, understand how search engines (especially Google) access and read content. Second, SEO agencies should know what search engines look for when deciding what content to rank. Third, SEO companies should know your target customers’ wants, and your unique situation, including industry specific challenges. Fourth, SEO agencies should be able to help you quickly and efficiently understand, execute, and communicate SEO strategies.

Why is SEO important for SaaS companies?

In most B2B SaaS markets, your target customer requires more product education, and sales cycles are typically longer.

SEO can help get you in front of more people needing your software in a less intrusive manner. SEO usually gives you more sustainable growth over time compared to other channels.

This usually translates into higher quality SQLs for your sales team, higher LTV, and lower customer churn.

Is SEO worth it in 2022?

In short, yes. While SEO takes longer to take effect compared to paid marketing channels, it’ll end up lowering your overall customer acquisition costs (CACs) and improve the quality of your Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)

No, the same old SEO strategies don’t work anymore (thanks to algorithm updates and competitors investing in SEO too). But if you have a creative SEO partner, you’ll still be able to benefit from SEO in 2022.

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