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B2B Fintech SEO

Business-to-Business (B2B) fintech SEO is fundamentally different than direct-to-consumer (DTC) SEO. B2B Fintech SEO focuses on leveraging high quality content to drive interest to multiple decision makers – usually between 2-5 depending on the size of the organization. 

Use advanced SEO strategies to drive better Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)

Things to know before hiring a B2B Fintech SEO Agency

What is B2B Fintech SEO?

B2B SEO is the process of generating valuable inbound leads from other businesses that need your products and services.

By effectively utilizing SEO strategies, B2B fintech brands have the ability to rank at the top of Google’s search results for crucial search terms that potential customers are searching for. But B2B marketing is less transactional and requires more product education. That means B2B SEO focuses much more on target personas and their needs.

A successful B2B SEO strategy will include optimized content that addresses the entire sales funnel.

How effective is SEO for B2B?

SEO is an essential part of any B2B business’s digital marketing strategy. SEO is the key to building a strong brand and reputation in today’s competitive market. And the stronger the brand and reputation, the easier it is to generate and close quality sales leads. 

An effective B2B SEO strategy will increase niche traffic, improve engagement from prospects the sales team has vetted, and help close higher quality leads. 

How is SEO different for B2B companies?

SEO for B2B companies tend to focus less on the quantity of traffic coming to a website, and more on the quality of the traffic. This stems from the B2B business model, where the target audience is more niche with specialized problems. That means that to get in front of the right target audience, a B2B SEO agency will want to target more precise keywords the audience is searching for. 

This means the focus is on targeting long-tail keywords containing three or more words. The people searching with those keywords tend to be looking for a more exact and nuanced solution to their problem. 

What is the conversion rate for B2B SEO?

The average B2B SEO conversion hovers around 1.85% – 2.5% depending on the target audience, page layout, and focus on conversions. 

According to, about 25% of B2B websites can hit a 4.31% conversion rate. The more a business focuses on matching the webpage’s user experience to the needs of their target audience, the higher the conversion rate tends to be. 

Our SEO services are laser focused on scaling B2B finance brands

Happy Money processed 239% more loans increased nonbranded traffic by 312%
Binance.US multiplied organic traffic by 4.7x

Our Process

Kicking Off & Onboarding

We don't just wait for you to tell us what's going on. We hit the ground running and bring data and competitor insights day one. We'll make sure to audit your top competitors to find holes where we can take advantage.

Establish KPIs

Our marketing team will then work with both your sales team and your marketing team to establish goals, KPIs, and strategies that increase the quantity and quality of leads.

Intro SEO Audit

Our B2B SEO specialists will dig into your brand, your competitors, and your market. Our SEO audits include over 228 points we check against.

You'll end up with a comprehensive strategy with creative opportunities to build and scale your finance brand.

Implement Schema

If you have Google Tag Manager, we'll seamlessly integrate our Schema Deployer to add content specific Schema to every page of your website. No developers needed.

The result? A branded billboard ad on Google, free of charge (aka no need to pay Google for featured ad placement).

Custom Tailored Strategies

Beat out competitors with a marketing strategy that covers at minimum over 1 million lines of data. ​

Collect Data & Report Results

Get custom dashboards for every interested party--from granular dashboards for the marketing team, to executive dashboards for CEOs.

Proactive Communication

You won't ever have to wonder where we are or what we're doing. We make sure to bring strategies, insights, and plans to you. And we love feedback, so we'll sync up with both your marketing and sales teams to ensure the SEO strategy is aligned with larger company revenue goals.

Get A Partner, Not A Vendor

We're here to be a strategic partner, not just a vendor that pulls levers and pushes buttons. Our goal is to help B2B finance brands create great experiences, find their customers and audiences, and build through acquisition.

B2B SEO specialists with a decade of experience in finance marketing

SEO can help your finance brand instill trust in your potential clients. Show your expertise and authority, and dominate your online real estate.

how we overcame common SEO issues


Can't implement SEO recommendations?

A lot of companies in the financial services industries don't have the resources to implement the SEO changes needed.

We make sure there's a way to implement SEO changes we recommend.


Highly Competitive Market?

Fintech SEO is not an easy industry to specialize in. Large incumbent brands take up a large share of the online real estate.

We focus on using innovative strategies that work around the competitive inroads larger competitors created.


Legal team not reviewing content?

Making sure content is compliant is an absolute necessity for any Fintech or Financial services company.

So what happens if the legal team isn't responsive? The content can't be published, and SEO traffic begins to stall.

We bring the legal team in during kickoffs so they known they're a part of the process.

What other B2B SEO agencies won’t tell you.


Is hiring a B2B SEO company worth it?

Not always. SEO is slower paced, with results sometimes taking up to 60 days. B2B finance brands need to focus on building authoritative content, and that takes time.

So if you are a B2B fintech startup that needs fast results, you're better off taking advantage of fintech PPC services.


Why is SEO ongoing?

SEO isn't something that can be a "one and done" project. First, search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and resetting the playing field. In fact, just this past quarter, there have been three separate broad core algorithm updates that have shaken the rankings quite a bit.

Second, competitors are constantly changing strategies, so sitting on your laurels will only last so long.


What should a B2B Fintech SEO agency do?

There are a few things that Fintech SEO agencies need to do in particular:

First, understand how search engines (especially Google) access and read content. A lot of fintech brands use complicated Javascript to render content where a simple CMS like WordPress would do.

Second, Fintech SEO agencies should know what additional requirements search engines have for finance companies when deciding who to rank. (Pro Tip - if you hear "E.A.T." you're on the right track - that's common SEO-speak for Expert, Authoritative, and Trustworthy content.)

Third, SEO agencies should be able to help you quickly and efficiently understand, execute, and communicate SEO strategies.


SEO Mistakes to avoid in fintech

1. Using client side javascript without pre-rending your content - You're giving Google a 50/50 shot at actually reading your content.

2. Link building the old fashioned way (AKA paying for guest posts and links - you can't compete with the big brands so don't try).

3. Relying on your brand awareness. Instead, build useful content to keep your customers coming back (for more content & business)

4. Hiding your team - an easy trick to gain instant credibility is highlight your team and use them as authors. Even if they leave, investing in their online reputation will only help build your brand's reputation. It's a win-win

5. Settling for cookie-cutter schema - Schema is the easiest way for you to differentiate yourself and teach Google about your brand. Cookie-cutter schema won't do that for you. You need more integrated, granular schema markup to be Google's go-to brand.

Fintech SEO Success Stories

+ 0 %
Loans originated

Happy Money focused on improving the quality of their website content and their internal links. 6 months later, they saw a 239% increase in loans originated.

0 x
Organic traffic

Binance.US improved their user experience and keyword targeting and increased traffic by almost 5x

+ 0 k
Keyword rankings rebranded as, and needed a full domain migration. We helped guide them to a smooth transition and got them ranking for 6,000 more keywords than they did before.

+ 0 x
Company Valuation focused on technical SEO and got over 3 million pages indexed by Google. They then doubled their company's valuation.

+ 0 %
Revenue in 3 months indexed over 10m pages and doubled their valuation. ​

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